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It takes money to make money

Inspired by ABC's Shark Tank, in which Entrepreneurs pitch ideas to "shark" funders, The Guppy Tank℠ is a less intimidating group of Investors called Guppies who instead of fighting each other for the next best company to invest in, instead work together in funding the next up and coming local business mavens.

The Guppy Tank is on a search throughout the United States to discover the next local successful entrepreneurs, inventors, business persons, and innovators.

The Guppy Tank is for companies that are already in business operating and are looking to expand or grow but need financial backing to do so. Entrepreneurs can pitch their business concepts, products and services to the Guppies in hopes of landing investment funds, either with equity investments, cash flow loans, or combinations of equity and loans.

Signup for your chance to enter the Guppy Tank and see if your business is good enough for a Guppy Investment. The Guppy Tank and its sponsors make investments from $25,000 - $500,000 or more per business. We encourage you to participate if you are an existing business looking for investment capital and/or a business loan. We also encourage you to signup if you have a new product or service that would be easy to incorporate into your existing business.

Please note that this is not a Televised Event and if your business is selected after you submit your application via the website, you will be required to come and present your business in person to our Investor Guppies. This event will not be televised.


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BeginAgain Toys Wins $150,000 Investment from The Guppy Tank

BeginAgain Toys has captured the top prize in The Guppy Tank’s Denver competition, winning a $150,000 investment from the group of Orange County, CA-based angel investors.

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ColoradoBIZ Magazine

Finding money in unexpected places

The economy might be in a recovery mode, but small business lending still hasn’t returned to pre-recession levels. Last year, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported that the number of small business loans was at three-quarters of its 2008 peak.

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